How We Give

With every home, Curbside will help build a home for a family in need.


We call our mission “Giving Shelter” because that’s at the heart of what we do. Your home purchase will provide the following:

A safe home environment

Clean water and sanitation


Cement floors, from dirt floors

Services like plumbing and electricity

Opportunity for entrepreneurship

Opportunity to learn and grow education


The story begins with you.



You purchase a home using Curbside’s network Realtor and/or lender.



Funds are given to our partners to help build a home for a family in need.



A safe and secure home is built allowing a family to thrive for generations.



Families are now able to thrive instead of living in survival mode.


Check back here for updates on our home progress. In the meantime, read a story about a family that just received their home.

One of those families is Viviana and her two children, Alina and Luis Santiago. After her husband passed away, this family of three hasn’t had a permanent home — often staying in cramped apartments or sharing a room while they struggled to get back on their feet.

A few years ago, they were offered an opportunity for a home, but due to unemployment, Viviana couldn’t participate and make payments. The COVID-19 pandemic made things more complicated, and she moved in with her mother-in-law in an overcrowded situation that didn’t last long.

Other rentals were too small for this family, often with no kitchen or one room shared within them. Overcrowding — 6 people in a space for 3 people for example, happens often in this region. They also see a lot of mosquitoes and flooding from nearby rivers — an occurrence that often spreads disease.

“I’m very happy that my kids will have stability and more space. We waited for a house of our own for so long, about three years. Things have been challenging. I lost hope that this was it,” she says. “I’m so grateful. We finally have a secure home with good neighbors. The kids can study in a home, and before they didn’t have electricity all the time. Now they will.”

Now, Alina and Luis Santiago can attend school not too far from their new Ecoblock home, and Viviana has easy access to a grocery store and downtown Nacajuca. They’re mostly excited to make friends with their neighbors within the community. Viviana is most excited about her kitchen. The first meal she will cook is a caldo, a warm soup with veggies and meat.

Our primary partner is New Story, a non-profit whose mission is pioneer solutions to end global homelessness. When you build a home, you change everything. Homelessness steals more than a house. It takes away a family’s security, health, and opportunity to thrive together. Currently, that’s the story of more than 1 billion people. Home is more than a roof over your head, it’s freedom to live a healthy and happy life.