How We Give

With every home, Curbside will help build a home for a family in need. In 2023, we are partnering with New Story to build 3 homes for families in El Salvador. 


We call our mission “Giving Shelter” because that’s at the heart of what we do. Your home purchase will provide the following:

A safe home environment

Clean water and sanitation


Cement floors, from dirt floors

Services like plumbing and electricity

Opportunity for entrepreneurship

Opportunity to learn and grow education


The story begins with you.



You purchase a home using Curbside’s network Realtor and/or lender.



Funds are given to our partners to help build a home for a family in need.



A safe and secure home is built allowing a family to thrive for generations.



Families are now able to thrive instead of living in survival mode.


Check back here for updates on our progress. In the meantime, read a story about a family that will receive their home in 2023.

Meet Jose Armando, his wife, Ana Elizabeth, and their 2-year-old, Oscar. They are currently squatting in an open field owned by the government.

They have built their make-shift house with metal sheets and plastic on top of the mud floors, which get even muddier with each rain. They currently live in fear that the 100-year-old trees will fall down on their house. They feel very unsafe in their current structure as it is unstable and not very secure.

They currently don’t have direct access to drinking water or electricity. Currently, Jose Armando works as a local bread seller but often battles with inconsistent income. Ana Elizabeth stays at home with Oscar. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the family lost their income since Jose Armando couldn’t leave their house.

Because of you, this family will be moving into their new home in 2023 and have a safer home for their toddler to grow up in.

Our primary partner is New Story, a non-profit whose mission is pioneer solutions to end global homelessness. When you build a home, you change everything. Homelessness steals more than a house. It takes away a family’s security, health, and opportunity to thrive together. Currently, that’s the story of more than 1 billion people. Home is more than a roof over your head, it’s freedom to live a healthy and happy life. Schedule your Curbside Consult today to take part in our mission!