BBVA Compass Mortgage

All 11 BBVA Compass Mortgage Programs Explained

Choosing a lender to back your mortgage is just one step in the process. Once you begin examining lenders, you’ll find that each offers a number of programs. In all, there are 11 BBVA Compass mortgage programs that you might consider. Here’s a closer look at each. Who Is BBVA Compass? BBVA Compass operates 672 Read More

Choosing the Right Huntington Mortgage Product

Choosing the Right Huntington Mortgage Product

Huntington mortgage products address a wide variety of circumstances. Offerings include some of the nation’s most popular programs, including FHA loans. But the specialty mortgages also stand out. Among them is a mortgage specifically designed for doctors and physicians. If you’re considering a Huntington mortgage, this guide will walk you through your options. About Huntington Read More

US Bank Home Mortgage

Complete Guide to US Bank Home Mortgage Programs

When it comes to selecting a mortgage product, anyone can begin to feel overwhelmed. From no down payment options to jumbo loans, finding a program that fits your needs takes time. Making the right decision requires an understanding of what’s out there. If you’re considering a traditional home mortgage, US Bank home mortgage programs are Read More

SunTrust Physician Loan

SunTrust Physician Loan: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a physician of any kind — a doctor, a dentist, or another kind of medical professional with an M.D. next to your name — you’re luckier than most when it comes to obtaining a home loan. Different banks, including SunTrust, have a specialized kind of mortgage loan called a physician’s loan that’s specifically Read More

Physician Home Loans: Better Mortgage Opportunities for Physicians

Do doctors have better mortgage opportunities than other people looking to buy a home? Absolutely! Becoming a doctor is an accomplishment in itself! From surviving med school to making your way through residency, becoming a physician takes a lot of work, but it comes with some much-deserved rewards. One benefit of becoming a doctor is Read More

Bank Of America Physicians Loan

The Bank of America Physician Loan Is a Go-To Option

There are many benefits to being an SBA (Small Business Association) preferred lender. Imagine having the ability to approve your own financing. Bank of America is one institution that conveniently has this ability. The bank and the Small Business Association share a portion of the risk, essentially guaranteeing the loan. There are many other beneficial Read More

fairway mortgage

Fairway Mortgage: The Right Solution for You?

If you’re in the market for a mortgage, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about Fairway Independent Mortgage Solutions, and you’re also probably wondering if, indeed, it is the right mortgage solution for you. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Fairway Mortgage.   What Does Fairway Mortgage Do? Originally founded in Read More

physicians loan

With Physician Loans, Can a Dentist, Pharmacist, or Lawyer Apply?

While physician loans are used primarily for physicians, podiatrists, and optometrists, some lenders have loan programs that are available for lawyers, pharmacists, dentists, and professionals working in other industries. Here are a few details about physician loans, the application steps, and how these loans differ from conventional (traditional) loans. What Is a Physician Loan? While Read More

The Doctor Loan: A Specialized Mortgage With Perks

A physician home mortgage, also known as a doctor loan, is a specialized mortgage program that was created exclusively for medical students, established physicians and dentists. This specific loan is easily obtainable by individuals within the medical field, mainly because it is a trusted profession. This profession typically has the reputation of employing individuals who Read More

Physician Mortgage Loans: A Checklist for Applicants

According to the¬†Association of American Medical Colleges, the majority of medical school graduates have debt, in fact the 2017 average was $190,694. So, it’s natural for physicians, particularly young ones to feel like buying a home isn’t a possibility. However, financial institutions have created options for people in that situation because they consider you low-risk Read More